An open letter to our JamHub family

Dear JamHub users, fans, and family,

In 2009, we launched JamHub to help a neighborhood kid play more music without getting shut down by his neighbors, and were met with rave reviews and more awards than any other product had ever won in a single NAMM. We took on the challenge of building the silent-rehearsal market in a recession, and ever since we've been amazed and inspired by the number of lives we've touched with our humble mixer. 

Musicians need a place to play. Teachers need a space to teach. And wedge monitors are terrible. These are all lessons we learned from you, all the wonderful artists we've talked to through the years. Musicians are a crafty bunch, and when you give us a quality, flexible tool, we'll find a dozen new ways to use it. 

Unfortunately, not every small business story can be one of success, and so it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the closing of JamHub operations. Our passionate team will be moving on. We hope that we can find a good home for these amazing people and products, but for the immediate future only those JamHub studios that have already been built will be available for purchase. When that stock is gone, it's gone. 

Please direct all inquiries, questions, and condolences to You've been an amazing audience. Thank you, and goodnight. 


Steve Skillings: JamHub's inventor

Veronica Pierni: Co-Founder and COO

Ellen Surry: Operations, Customer Service, and so much back stage work that helps the show run, but few get to see

Dave Leary:  Marketing, Social Media, Front Man

Jon Francis:  Education Coordinator, Student Advocate, Teacher Advocate

Marci Skillings: Support when we needed it, NAMM Organizer