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"Being able to hear everyone so clearly
was amazing. It was like listening to a
CD that we were playing live.

-Joe Coffey, Premier Guitar, June 2010

"One of the best tools a band could own."

-MTC's Amazon review

"Simply delivers EXCELLENT results and saves the hassle/money of rehearsal space. The biggest weakness, in my opinion, is that the audio quality/mix you get with this is actually so much BETTER and cleaner than you would have for a live gig, it kind of spoils you in rehearsal."

-C.M. Velzer’s Amazon review

"I can now practice, jam, record, whatever I want, whenever I want. No one has called the police since I bought the system and my neighbors couldn't be happier about the peace and quiet."

-Joe Morris’s Amazon review

"As great as the other reviews say it is."

-Anon's Amazon review

"Love the JamHub.  Got it last weekend and I have to say it's God sent.  Never before have I heard my guitar so clearly! :DD"

-Francis Wu on Facebook