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Tracker MT-16
Electronic Musician

November 24, 2014 Review: JamHub Tracker MT—16

THE TRACKER MT16 is a perfect example of shrinking technology. In a device that is smaller than a slice of pizza (in Brooklyn, anyway), JamHub assembles eight TRS audio inputs, an SD card slot, a 1/8-inch headphone jack, a USB port, a JamHub connect port, a backlit LCD, an Ethernet port, a DC power jack, four navigation buttons and six status LEDs. Perhaps more impressive, the Tracker MT16 can record 16 tracks simultaneously at sample rates up to 96 kHz...

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Tracker MT-16
Ask Audio Mag

December 15, 2014 Review: JamHub TourBus

Practice a lot, and you’ll get better. Practice more efficiently, and you’ll get better faster. Practice efficiently, rehearse with others, record and reflect on your performance, and you’ll become a musical powerhouse. The JamHub is made with this in mind. Clear monitoring, fostering collaboration, and maximum flexibility are 3 concepts that come to mind after my month with the JamHub.

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Point Church Burgess Hill
We Are Worship

Meet JamHub – because silent is the new loud!

It’s not often you get a ‘perfect fit’ for worship bands — but the JamHub could well run that risk. All the musicians in the band can plug in to one small unit, and then with headphones attached they can all rehearse in ‘silence’. If you’re able to team it with an electric drum kit, which are extremely affordable, then you have the ideal practice tool for worship bands. We asked Stuart Barbour, Worship Pastor at The Point Church in Burgess Hill in West Sussex to review it with his worship team.

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JamHub BedRoom
Technologies for Worship

Managing Band Setups & Rehearsals with JamHub

As an audio guy, when you think of rehearsing with a band the first thing that comes to mind is the setup. What will be needed to make it happen and be effective for the band? As our church grows and we see that we are developing certain needs in the music ministry, a second rhythm section rehearsal was needed at our church. We currently have two different rhythm sections that play at different services during our weekly service schedule. Our rehearsals are scheduled for Thursday evenings and we have both rhythm sections rehearsing at the same time. We have the weekend team rehearsing in the main sanctuary and the Wednesday night team rehearsing in one of our annex room.

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JamHub on SOS
Sound on Sound

Personal Monitor System

For low-volume rehearsals and jam sessions, most options to date have been quite limited, particularly for creating separate monitor mixes. The JamHub range aims to make the whole process that little bit easier and more immediate.

JamHub is the name of the company behind three different JamHub products, named BedRoom, GreenRoom and TourBus. The names give you an idea of their intended use — though you can, of course, use whichever system you want wherever you like (as long as you have mains power available).

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TourBus on Popular Mechanics
Popular Mechanics

JamHub TourBus: Rocking Out With the Volume Down

Give even the head-bangingest metal band the 85-knobbed JamHub TourBus and it can quiet down. The semicircular $700 device acts as a studio—complete with effects and personal monitor controls — and one that's silent to anyone who's not plugged in. Seven people, each with his or her own settings, can connect to the device and listen to the group through headphones, each adjusting his or her own settings to duplicate those of on-stage playing or to avoid volume-related arguments.

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JamHub BedRoom
Amazon Reviews

5 Stars: Amazing Product

I purchased this product to enable my band to have a "silent practice" in one of our band mate's apartments. Practice/Rehearsal spaces are expensive and not always ideal. The cost of renting one cannot really be justified if you are just getting together to jam, work on new material, or audition a new band member. We all live in the city in apartments so the idea of a "silent practice" was very attractive (no more angry neighbors).

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JamHub TourBus on Guitar Player
Guitar Player

JamHub TourBus

"CAN I HAVE EVERYTHING LOUDER than everything else?" Ian Gillan’s puzzling but — perfect Budokan plea echoes to this day in closet-sized rehearsal rooms packed full of drums, amps, and P.A.s, all turned up just loud enough to hear. With guitar cabs duking it out in close quarters with snare drums, and microphones defiantly aimed directly at loudspeakers, the mere sight of a typical band practice room could make an audiologist (or even a physicist) run screaming.

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JamHub on Keyboard Magazine
Keyboard Magazine


Steve Skillings could keep you and your whole band out of jail. No, he’s not an attorney with knowledge of noise ordinance loopholes, nor a bail bondsman, nor a person who phases through cement walls. Steve is simply the guy who’s going to provide much-needed quiescence for the rotten neighbors who’d call the cops on your band for drowning out their Matlock reruns with your rendition of "Living On a Prayer." Instead, you’ll be peacefully thumping along through a JamHub hours into the night.

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