7 musicians plug in, mix, and record.

Each musician gets their own section, with their own mix knobs to set their own levels and their own volumes. Dialing in the perfect mix is quick and easy with numbered, color-coded knobs, and quality live recordings are just a click away, making every jam session fun and productive. 

For 7 musicians. 7 XLR inputs, 7 - 1/4" inputs, and 7 unique 1/4" headphone outputs. Featuring on-board stereo recording, a USB recording output, 48V phantom power, and a metronome.

“Well-built and works great, I only wish I had purchased one sooner. It is the perfect solution to the band noise problem, but it is also a lot more, like a mixer, monitor, and recorder.”

-Jack Spade’s Amazon review

7 musicians plug in, adjust, and play all night.

To play at your best, you need to hear everything at the right level. JamHub studios let you control exactly what you hear with intuitive mix knobs whether you’re jamming in the basement or rocking out on stage. Plug in your microphones and instruments, create the perfect mix for you, and play without sacrificing any tone or volume to the room. 

For 7 musicians. 7 XLR inputs, 7 - 1/4" inputs, and 7 unique 1/4" headphone outputs. Featuring a USB recording output and 48V phantom power.

"I looked around and my 4 other band mates were all grinning ear to ear."

-Larry's Amazon review

5 musicians plug in, play together, and never stop.

Practice makes perfect, and JamHub studios let you practice more often in more places than ever before by removing the need for loud amplifiers or speakers. Our unique silent rehearsal systems bring the joy of full stereo sound to every player, with the mix and volume that they need to play their best.

For 5 musicians. 5 XLR inputs, 5 - 1/4" inputs, and 5 unique 1/4" headphone outputs. 

"The sound is crazy full and makes playing with other musicians a treat."

-MTC's Amazon review

No new updates to the Tracker MT16 firmware or to the BND Splitter software are planned at this time.

Update servers and Tracker Connect services have been turned off, nullifying the WiFi functionality of existing units.  

Support for these platforms is available on our FAQ page.