Improve your schedule. 

Noise can be a real problem for your rehearsal schedule. If you're living in an apartment or your concrete basement is sending bass waves flying into your neighbor's kitchen after work, you may find the cops knocking on your door letting you know that not everyone appreciates the dulcet tones of your genius. You can drop your PA, amplifiers, and acoustic drum kit entirely with today's incredible electric and emulation options for full-on silent rehearsal, or you can eliminate one or two of your sound sources to drop the volume and maintain the peace.

Improve your tone.

Sonic space is limited. You can only cram so much into the human ear, and we all know what a bummer it is to put 2 guitars and a bass on stage only to throw mud at the audience. By removing the room from the equation in your rehearsals, you and your bandmates can more effectively analyse exactly where your tone sits in relation to everyone else. When you do some serious critical listening, you can spread the band out sonically, making your tone ring through on even the dingiest stages. 

Improve your muscle memory.

They say that practice makes perfect, but we know there's more to it than that. When you practice, you develop muscle memory, and if you practice wrong, you'll develop bad habits. By rehearsing in a sonic environment that is free from the bouncing artifacts of a typical concrete practice space, you help your ear and your hands coordinate for proper placement, strike, and mojo. Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice does. 

"The first time I saw a JamHub I thought somebody read my mind."

-Jesus Florido, Clinician/Educator

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Headphones help your students focus on collaborative learning

Teach with iPads, keyboards, electric drums, guitars, violins, and anything else with a headphone jack


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From up-and-comers to world-class players, JamHub studios are found in home studios, rehearsal spaces, and on stages around the world.

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"It's a great practice tool. It's a great teaching tool. It's a great learning tool."

-Victor Wooten, 5 time Grammy Winner

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"Being able to hear everyone so clearly
was amazing. It was like listening to a
CD that we were playing live.

-Joe Coffey, Premier Guitar, June 2010

"One of the best tools a band could own."

-MTC's Amazon review

"Simply delivers EXCELLENT results and saves the hassle/money of rehearsal space. The biggest weakness, in my opinion, is that the audio quality/mix you get with this is actually so much BETTER and cleaner than you would have for a live gig, it kind of spoils you in rehearsal."

-C.M. Velzer’s Amazon review

"I can now practice, jam, record, whatever I want, whenever I want. No one has called the police since I bought the system and my neighbors couldn't be happier about the peace and quiet."

-Joe Morris’s Amazon review

"As great as the other reviews say it is."

-Anon's Amazon review

"Love the JamHub.  Got it last weekend and I have to say it's God sent.  Never before have I heard my guitar so clearly! :DD"

-Francis Wu on Facebook