JamHub studios replace your PA with a unique headphone mixer that lets up to seven musicians plug in and play with superior sound and relative silence.


Take control of your volume

Practice with headphones instead of a PA. You won't need to worry about volume wars, angry neighbors, muddy tone, or ringing ears. This is your own private 24/7 private rehearsal studio in your basement, garage, kitchen, office, or school. If music is your life, this is the mixer that will let you truly live again. 

Take control of your mix

Make no compromises when it comes to what you hear. Create up to 11 completely independent analog monitor mixes for headphones, wedges, or in-ears. Each mix is unique, and nothing you do will affect your bandmates, so you're free to dial in exactly what you need to play at your best. 

Take control of your music

Isolate yourself from the room to hear the true, pure tone of your band. Headphones and in-ear monitors let you focus on your sound, eliminate room mud, and prevent the dreaded volume war. 

"I can now practice, jam, record, whatever I want, whenever I want. No one has called the police since I bought the system and my neighbors couldn't be happier about the peace and quiet."

-Amazon review, Joe Morris

All New JamHub Stage

Just announced at NAMM 2016, the next generation of JamHub promises to completely change the way you think about rehearsal, recording, and performance. 


Main XLR Outputs

With new Left and Right main XLR outputs, your JamHub Stage is the perfect mixer for small spaces like coffee shops and house parties. It's portable, durable, and gives you a highly visual, intuitive way to mix both your PA and your monitors.

Main Output Faders

The familiar feel of smooth gliding faders to control the main XLR outputs on the JamHub stage make it easier to mix quickly with one hand under dim stage lights, giving you superior control for superior sound.

14 channel analog breakout

Your JamHub Stage makes it easy to set up and control your own in-ear monitors on stage. The whole band simply plugs into the Stage mixer, then uses the 14-channel breakout snake to get sound to the front-of-house. It's a simple, streamlined setup that won't confuse your bandmates or your sound tech, and will let you mix your own wedges and in-ears without affecting the room sound.

14 channel multitrack send

Full-band live monitoring plus multitracking! Your JamHub Stage is a home studio in a box,  featuring a fully functional multitrack interface that sends 14 channels of live audio to your computer. Open up your favorite DAW and capture the entire band's performance while allowing every musician to control their own monitor mix on fly.

For 5 musicians. 5 XLR inputs, 5 - 1/4" inputs, and 5 unique 1/4" headphone outputs. 

For 7 musicians. 7 XLR inputs, 7 - 1/4" inputs, and 7 unique 1/4" headphone outputs. 

USB recording output

48V phantom power

Includes 1 SoleMix remote

For 7 musicians. 7 XLR inputs, 7 - 1/4" inputs, and 7 unique 1/4" headphone outputs. 

On-board stereo recording

USB recording output

48V phantom power


Includes 2 SoleMix remotes

Up to 11 independent analog monitor mixes. 

Simple controls with color-coded, numbered knobs.


Headphones let you control the volume, so you and your band can practice wherever you are, whenever you want. 


Portable multitracking for your home studio and live gigs.

Connects to any JamHub studio to capture up to 7 stereo channels of live audio for mixing and publication. The 8 built-in inputs or available 16-channel breakout cable let you easily record through most conventional analog mixers as well. 

Tracker MT16

Portable multitrack recorder

Capture up to 16 channels of simultaneous audio at 24-bit 44.1, 48, or 96kHz. Records to USB 2.0 drives or the included 16GB SanDisk Extreme SD card.

JamHub GreenRoom + Tracker MT16

Home studio in a box

Independent analog monitoring for up to 7 musicians capable of capturing 7 stereo channels of multitrack audio. Everything you need to start full-band recording today!


Capture the energy of all your live performances

Nothing speaks to your fans like a simple video with incredible audio. The JamHub Tracker MT16 puts incredible production power in your hands, featuring a simple 4-button interface and straightforward connections that will transform your social networks with more and more new content. 

From up-and-comers to world-class players, JamHub studios are found in home studios, rehearsal spaces, and on stages around the world.

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"It's a great practice tool. It's a great teaching tool. It's a great learning tool."

-Victor Wooten, 5 time Grammy Winner

"The first time I saw a JamHub I thought somebody read my mind."

-Jesus Florido, Clinician/Educator

Affordable instrument labs for your electric ensembles

Headphones help your students focus on collaborative learning

Teach with iPads, keyboards, electric drums, guitars, violins, and anything else with a headphone jack

JamHub has dedicated education professionals on staff to help you get started in your classroom. Contact us about curriculum, implementation, support, and professional development credits. 



Download our comprehensive step-by-step guide to teaching young children with iPads!

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Fit multiple bands in one room!


"Being able to hear everyone so clearly
was amazing. It was like listening to a
CD that we were playing live.

-Joe Coffey, Premier Guitar, June 2010

"One of the best tools a band could own."

-MTC's Amazon review

"Simply delivers EXCELLENT results and saves the hassle/money of rehearsal space. The biggest weakness, in my opinion, is that the audio quality/mix you get with this is actually so much BETTER and cleaner than you would have for a live gig, it kind of spoils you in rehearsal."

-C.M. Velzer’s Amazon review

"I can now practice, jam, record, whatever I want, whenever I want. No one has called the police since I bought the system and my neighbors couldn't be happier about the peace and quiet."

-Joe Morris’s Amazon review

"As great as the other reviews say it is."

-Anon's Amazon review

"Love the JamHub.  Got it last weekend and I have to say it's God sent.  Never before have I heard my guitar so clearly! :DD"

-Francis Wu on Facebook