JamHub studios replace your PA with a unique headphone mixer that lets up to seven musicians plug in and play with superior sound and relative silence.

Practice wherever you are, whenever you're there. JamHub studios are your own private 24/7 rehearsal studio. Put one in your basement, garage, kitchen, office, or school to play music on your terms. 

Make no compromises when it comes to what you hear. Create up to 11 completely independent analog monitor mixes for headphones, wedges, or in-ears. Each mix is unique, and nothing you do will affect your bandmates, so you're free to dial in exactly what you need to play at your best. 

Isolate yourself from the room to hear the true, pure tone of your band. Headphones and in-ear monitors let you focus on your sound, eliminate room mud, and prevent the dreaded volume war. 

"I can now practice, jam, record, whatever I want, whenever I want. No one has called the police since I bought the system and my neighbors couldn't be happier about the peace and quiet."

-Joe Morris’s Amazon review