Portable multitracking for your home studio and live gigs.

Connects to any JamHub studio to capture up to 7 stereo channels of live audio for mixing and publication. The 8 built-in inputs or available 16-channel breakout cable let you easily record through most conventional analog mixers as well. 

Tracker MT16

Portable multitrack recorder

Capture up to 16 channels of simultaneous audio at 24-bit 44.1, 48, or 96kHz. Records to USB 2.0 drives or the included 16GB SanDisk Extreme SD card.

JamHub GreenRoom + Tracker MT16

Home studio in a box

Independent analog monitoring for up to 7 musicians capable of capturing 7 stereo channels of multitrack audio. Everything you need to start full-band recording today!


Capture the energy of all your live performances

Nothing speaks to your fans like a simple video with incredible audio. The JamHub Tracker MT16 puts incredible production power in your hands, featuring a simple 4-button interface and straightforward connections that will transform your social networks with more and more new content.