Turn your house, garage, apartment or classroom into a versatile 24/7 studio

Play more.

JamHub studio systems replace a traditional PA with a portable headphone mixer that lets your band get loud without disturbing your parents or neighbors. Your band is free to jam put anywhere you want want., at any time of day, for as long as you want.

Each musician plugs in and sets their own mix. That means no more volume wars. No more muddy sound. No more ringing ears. 

Get better. Faster.

JamHubs let you rehearse the way recording artists play in the studio - with the clarity of headphones and in-ears. You hear just what you need to hear and can focus on improving how you sound.

Bands get better when they hear the truth of their rehearsals. With on-board recording, JamHub studios let you record your practice and play it right back. Everyone hears what sounded great and what needs to be tweaked. The whole band gets better, together.

Sound amazing. 

Get noticed on YouTube and SoundCloud. by recording the perfect mix with your JamHub. Capture the energy of your band at its best and share it with the world.

Control your sound from the stage. With 11 completely independent analog monitor mixes for headphones and in-ears, JamHub gives each musician the freedom to hear what they need to hear.

Whether you're starting your first band or gigging every night, there's a JamHub studio for you.



Play more, get better. 


Silent Rehearsal, independent mix control, and independent volume control for up to 5 musicians. Analog line out for recording, 24-bit stereo effects, Stage Control, input jack for 1 SoleMix remote (remote not included). More...


From practice to performance.



Includes all the features of BedRoom plus 21 channels for up to 7 musicians, 48V phantom power, USB out for direct recording, 4 SoleMix remote jacks, and 1 SoleMix remote. More...


Take control of your music..



A serious tool for serious musicians. All the features of GreenRoom plus on-board stereo recording, metronome, and 2 SoleMix remotes. Often accompanied by Tracker MT6. More...

Clean multi-track audio with Tracker MT16™ 

The Tracker MT16™ captures up to 16 channels simultaneously from any JamHub studio and many analog mixers. Whether you’re tracking for the web, for an album, for video, or for a podcast, Tracker MT16™ a must. Learn More...


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Our SoleMix remotes, cables, adapters and other accessories help you get even more out of your JamHub studio. Learn more...