6 Reasons You Need To Switch To In-Ears

In-ear monitors have been the go-to for professional and touring musicians for decades, but it’s never been easier for working and aspiring bands to make the switch.


When you practice like you perform, you build the whole-body muscle-memory that every professional relies on for a great show every night. If you’re rehearsing in a space with an underpowered PA, and then walking into clubs with blown out wedges, you’re going to struggle to find yourself, and your bandmates, in the mix. Practice and perform with in-ears, and you’ll be in the zone from the first note.


In-ears offer incredible, high-fidelity sound that never has to compete with your other gear or with the room itself. Hear more of you without worrying about feedback.


When you switch to in-ears and control your mix from the stage, you take control of your performance. No more worrying about the sound guy, or what your bandmates are hearing. It’s just you and the crowd.


Tired of lugging wedge monitors to every gig? With in-ear monitors, all you need is your monitor mixer (click here for a video of a JamHub studio for monitoring live), your wires, and your in-ears, which will easily fit in the palm of your hand.

You never know who’s watching, and you never know who has a cell phone out to record, so every gig has to be your best. When you switch to in-ears, you know exactly what you’ll hear on every stage you encounter and remove a huge barrier to playing an amazing show.


Custom in-ears can be expensive, but often it’s the wireless units many musicians think they need to power the in-ears that drives the cost up.  Today there are some amazing universal-fit in-ears to help you get started, and you can use wired monitoring systems like the JamHub studio to power, mix, and control your experience on stage for a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing any audio quality.