6 Reasons To Love Live Multitracking

The thrill of performing live is half the reason most of us do this, or most of the reason half of us do this, however you want to put it, and that rush often leads to some of our best moments. Cell phones and handheld recorders are really convenient, but they never quite capture the experience of playing live. Why should you switch to live multitracking?


Live performance is all about you and the crowd and the noise and the love, and it’s something you just can’t fake on a single-tracked recording. So much of the magic It’s magic, and that’s why we love it. The room and the crowd all become part of the music, making something truly wonderful. Live, even our mistakes just roll off and become part of the night.


Not the playing, though some of us are definitely guilty of pushing the tempo on stage, but the creation. When a band is new or a song is hot, we want to get it out there, and single tracking takes so much time. By capturing your audio live, the band just has to be tight on it and the track will be perfect for posting online, which helps you with fans and clubs. Just get it done. That has to be the mantra in today’s market.


With handheld recorders, you’re relying on the room mix, and the acoustics, to get a good sound. You’ll rarely get something you can be proud of at the end of the night. But when you can take a multitrack off the board, then you’re capturing clean audio straight from the stage that you can mix yourself.


With more and easier video creation tools available to bands, you need high quality audio to make something truly great.

Live videos help sell your band, giving old fans, new friends, and club owners a good idea of what you’re like on stage. Cameras keep getting better and cheaper, but it’s the audio that really sells the story in your video, so taking a multitrack off the board will ensure a great listening, as well as viewing, experience.


With the right tools to get the job done, you take control of your recordings. Walk into any club with a cable and a few adapters, introduce yourself to the soundguy, and quality recordings will be yours.


The JamHub Tracker MT16 records more simultaneous channels for less, and plugs into almost any mixer, making it easy for musicians at any level to capture quality recordings of all their live shows and reherasals.