On The Road With Guitarist Dan Spitz

Dan Spitz (@danspitz) is a legend in the rock world. As a co-founding member of Anthrax, he helped define the tone of metal for more than one generation, and he’s still hard at work pushing the boundaries of music and the influence that music can have on the world. Dan’s latest project has him playing slide blues on a Weissenborn style guitar, a lap-style instrument with a long, deep scale and a body cavity that extends up through the neck for impressive reverberation.

Slide in hand, Dan has partnered up with Michaela Paige (@FLASinger1) to perform powerful blues and soul based acoustic music with a mission: raising autism awareness around the world. Dan has been heavily involved with autism awareness for many years, raising his twin autistic sons and championing the cause in as many places as he can.

The Paige-Spitz project is ready to hit the road, and they’re taking their JamHub studio with them. Dan has been a long-time Ultimate Ears artist, and was thrilled to discover that JamHub studios were a simple, light-weight alternative to traditional wireless systems. Dan carries two flight cases, each weighing only 47 lbs, so they pass easily through any airport. One holds his guitar gear, like his Axe-FX and Metric Halo units. The other has power, transformer isolation boxes, and a JamHub TourBus.

The quick setup was a huge plus for Dan, who loves that he just has to lay down his monitor cables and plug in. Much faster that it was the old way.

Dan and Michaela were good enough to let us grab some video of their rig at Winter NAMM 2015, so check it out and visit www.DanSpitz.com for more information on the Paige-Spitz project.

And if you’re interested in building your own touring rig using JamHub studios to power and mix your in-ear monitors, check out more videos on our YouTube page.