On The Road With Guitarist Dan Spitz

Dan Spitz (@danspitz) is a legend in the rock world. As a co-founding member of Anthrax, he helped define the tone of metal for more than one generation, and he’s still hard at work pushing the boundaries of music and the influence that music can have on the world. Dan’s latest project has him playing slide blues on a Weissenborn style guitar, a lap-style instrument with a long, deep scale and a body cavity that extends up through the neck for impressive reverberation.

5 Tips For Amazing Live Video

YouTube is a huge part of what we do as musicians today, and the tools for creating high quality audio and video are easier and more affordable than ever. I’ve had the chance to do a lot of video work for the web over the last few years, like the above video of the Kiley Evans performing at the famed Indian Ranch, and wanted to share a few odds and ends about creating the best content you can when making live recordings of your band.